Impressa Solutions Content Marketing Solutions

When it comes to content marketing solutions, we’re no gamble!


Impressa Solutions is a Las Vegas inbound marketing agency dedicated to witty word play, authentic voices, sexy graphics, smart social media, and all-things content. Aside from nearing racing speeds on a motorcycle around the Red Rock loop or successfully whipping up a new recipe, we don’t find anything quite as exciting as helping personal brands, e-commerce business, startups, technology companies, and other organizations find their voice and get their message out there.

This may be Las Vegas, but it’s no gamble working with Impressa Solutions. With our experience, talent, and continued commitment to continuing education, we have quite the tool kit to help you succeed. However, don’t take that to mean that winning with us is a sure thing–that’s not how this stuff really works! Here’s a tip: tread lightly with anyone who tells you otherwise!

So, how did we get here?


Impressa Solutions was founded in 2012 when CEO and Creative Director Julie T. Ewald hit a wall–figuratively, not literally. She was about to more than max out with her freelancing gigs, and she realized she didn’t want to say “no” to existing clients. This is when she got an idea!

Even though the business was born out of necessity, that’s not why it continues to thrive and grow. Impressa Solutions is going strong because of the team’s collective passion. We get the goosebumps from helping brands and businesses succeed, and well-written content (even by other folks) can really give us the warm and fuzzies. Even though content isn’t as cuddly as kittens, we embrace it just as readily and try to make it purr. In summary: our secret to success isn’t just being really good at what we do–it’s because we are incredibly interested by and maybe even a little in love with it.