Are You Publishing Too Many Posts?

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I’ve been rapping a lot lately about blogging frequency, mainly about minimum amounts, as that’s what many budget-conscious small businesses are concerned with. But what about the other side of the coin? When are you publishing too many posts?

Some other agencies may scoff at this statement. There are a lot of folks with the mentality that there is never enough; more is always better. But that isn’t the case. You can overload your blog with content, and that could be a bigger problem than not enough content. So how do you know if you are publishing too many posts?

You can’t afford what you’re producing

If you can’t afford to produce the number of posts you are putting out either in terms of money or time, and you have exceeded your minimum frequency, then it’s too many.

You struggle for things to say

If you have to repeat yourself or are recreating posts that your readers have certainly stumbled over already, maybe you are doing too much. Focus on generating quality, high value ideas and using these meaty posts to meet your minimums. If you still have some solid ideas after that, then it’s just gravy—or something to be held onto for the next month.

Most of your posts are self-promotion

You’ll have the most success by talking about your readers over yourself. And you could actually turn folks off with too much self-promotion or sales. If this is a majority of your posts, you may want to consider cutting them.

Your traffic is low

If you don’t have heavy traffic, you may not need one post a day. You may not even need more than one post a week. If your traffic surges when you publish to your blog and promote a post, then keep at it, but if it stays flat, cut back.

Your posts are short

Short posts are okay and often preferable, but if they are really short, it may be because you don’t have a lot to say and are stretching it out. And are these short little things really worth a reader coming back for? Maybe you should combine these into fewer, bigger posts.

Your bounce rate is high and most visitors are new

So if folks are leaving soon and don’t come back, your blog probably isn’t doing its job. It doesn’t matter if your social game is strong and your SEO is on point because it seems that your posts aren’t doing it for folks once they click over to your site. Dial back on the blogging and figure out what’s wrong before you keep tossing ideas out there.

Your site stinks

Even if your blog is rad, if your site is bad, driving traffic to it could be pointless. If you are blogging all the time, you could be brining a lot of visitors to a shoddy site that leaves a poor impression. Post less and fix that thing up so that you are getting a better return on your blogging investment.

So how often should you post? Check out our posts on factors that determine how many blog posts you should publish and our recommendations regarding blog frequency. And check out our blogging packages if you are ready to jump in.


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