It’s Imperative to Create Good Relationships in Your Industry

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create good relationships with others in your industryI’m still coming down from SXSW V2V. The SXSW folks always put on great events, and V2V was no exception—it was my second year. While you may think that I’m high off of meeting startup CEOs and venture capital firms who are potential clients, I’m still swooning over other marketers I met, particularly content folks. Why? Because it’s important as all get-out to create good relationships with others in your own industry.

The competition is often a potential client.

Many of our clients are other marketers. Lots of advertisers and SEO folks recommend blogging and other content marketing initiatives to their clients, and they need someone to create them. And even others specializing in content sometimes turn to us to help fill in for big orders or specialty pieces we can pull off and they can’t. This is why we often offer “wholesale” pricing on our blog packages and other services to those in the industry.

Competitors can be referral engines.

If a client wants something you don’t do well, it’s probably better (if you want to retain that client) to refer them to someone who excels at what they need than muddle through it yourself. A client was recently looking for some serious SEO stuff that we don’t really handle, but could in a pinch. Instead of butchering the job and burning hours, we referred them to a freelancer who specializes in just what they need.

You never know when you need them.

A former agency head’s firm folded. But she wasn’t out of work long. Thanks to networking, she was quickly scooped up at an executive level.

Two heads are better than one.

Even if you are an absolute expert in your field, you still have things to learn from others in your industry. I read books, attend lectures, and follow the blogs of a lot of other marketers and content folks—there is always something new to me or a reminder of something I forgot.

Sometimes you just need to vent.

I love marketing events. It’s so cathartic having a beer, swapping stories, and finally laughing off the most ridiculous client moments of the last month or so.


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