How to Get Authenticity on Your Blog When You Outsource

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howToGetAuthenticityYou want your brand’s blog to be authentic. You should say what you mean and mean what you say, be open, be honest, and be genuine. Your content should reflect the internal of your company.
In other words, you need to keep it real. So how can you get actual authenticity on your blog when you outsource?

youMayNotAlwaysGetItYou may not always get it

That’s the bad news: writing authentically and transparently may be elusive to many, including your internal content creators. Some writers, try as they may, might end up producing copy that feels stiff or secretive, a bit off-brand, or otherwise seeming false. This doesn’t mean you can’t get it, but you may not get it from that writer. If they can’t open up with the right voice and tone in a couple of drafts, it may be time to move on.

youMayNeedToAskForItYou may need to ask for it

When you are getting started with your blogger, whether an agency writer or a freelancer, some guidelines should be laid out. A style guide should exist before the first post is drafted. It should outline things like word choice, image preferences, blog themes, and brand guidelines—these brand guidelines should include information on the blog’s overall tone and voice, as well as your company’s values. Be sure that authenticity is something in this document. Even if you don’t have a style guide, make sure your writer knows it’s a priority.

shareItShare it

Find examples of authentic, on-brand blog posts and other content you enjoy, and share them with your writer. These examples will give your writer an idea of what authenticity means to you. They will also provide the writer with a good idea of what you’re looking for out of your blog posts in other areas as well.


readForItRead for it

Check out the posts being created for you and see if they feel authentic. Do they feel like they are for your business? Do they fit in with your brand? Are they true and factual? And while you’re at it, double check to see if the posts are offering value and are polished for publication.


beInvolvedBe involved

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working with the same writer or agency—you need to keep your head in the game. Check back in to be sure the content continues to be authentic, and give ongoing feedback on whether or not the blog is on-brand. Your business can shift over time, as can your blogger’s idea of what your brand is about, so staying connected can help your blog and business stay in sync.


speakUpSpeak up

Suggest content you feel is authentic regularly. It may also help if you write some of it—or at least contribute. Take notes and toss them to your writer to work from, or create a rough draft and hand it over. Consider offering to be interviewed for a series of posts. Think of ways in which you and key team members can contribute an authentic voice, and then do it, darn it!



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