How to Promote Your Business Without Spending on Advertising

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As a business owner, you want to tap into your target market and get the attention of potential customers through your sales messages. But how can you tell the world of how great your company is without throwing around advertising dollars? The simple answer is this: let OTHERS spread the word of how great your business really is. This is possible through the use of a good publicity.

A good publicity campaign has a lot more promise than advertising in so many ways. First, publicity doesn’t have a hefty price tag attached to it. With just telephone calls and follow-up letters and flyers to the right people, you can get your story out.

There’s also a likelihood that your publicity can get the attention of the national media. By having a national media exposure, you can reach a far wider audience–a feat that you can’t do for free with advertising. Most importantly, by having the media report and say something good about what your business is doing, you gain something from the public that you can’t gain with paid advertising: credibility and respect.

To get free publicity, you must have a newsworthy story to make it to the headlines. Participating in a fundraising effort or charity event may get you free publicity. If your business offers a unique product, contact your local media about it and who knows?! You may get good local media coverage, and you never know who will pick that story up.

A great way also to create buzz about your business is by announcing that your business is offering free services to veterans, seniors, or children. You can also create a contest related to your business or hold special events like seminars or free classes.

By being a creative and inventive thinker, the possibilities to get free publicity and build buzz are endless. And if you are fresh out of ideas, for an affordable fee, you may be able to find some professionals who can come up with some sweet ideas for you publicity campaign for you.

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