Should You Outsource Blog Posts?

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Should you outsource blog posts

As we are in the business of creating content for others, namely blog posts, it shouldn’t be shocking that I’m in favor of choosing to outsource blog posts. But it isn’t the right thing to do all the time.

When should you outsource?

Most of the time. This is because there are normally big benefits:

  • Cost: Even with a firm that’s pricier than ours, you may save over hiring someone.
  • Specialization: When you outsource blog posts, you can hire someone who really knows his or her stuff on each topic you cover. If you rely on in-house talent, you are stuck with what they bring to the table…which could be lackluster posts on certain topics.
  • Uniqueness: Go outside of your business if you want to go outside the box. Firms like ours can do things you can’t do in a cubicle, like document an intense DIY build or travel to a nearby hotspot to photograph and write about local culture. And even though your freelancer or agency knows, understands, and embodies your brand culture, they aren’t as enmeshed in it and can add fresh perspectives.
  • Skill: Not everyone writes well, and even if you have a marketing pro on your team, that doesn’t mean they can create clean, compelling content.
  • Variety: Different kinds of content can come together to make a killer blog, but it’s rare to find one person who can do professional quality text, photos, illustrations, infographics, videos, audio, and so on. Your outsourcer can supplement this.

When shouldn’t you outsource?

First and foremost, if you can’t afford to outsource quality blog posts, don’t do it! While there are some diamonds in the rough, you generally get what you pay for—those writers you’ve scraped out from Upwork who are down to do 5,000 words for $5.00 may not end up representing your company well. If your budget doesn’t accommodate for a decent blogger, you may be better off doing it yourself and paying for someone to proofread.

Aside from that, don’t outsource blog posts if they are on anything important or overly complex. Outlining the new specs for a product release may be too technical for a writer outside the company to manage—if they even have enough info to write the post effectively. Publishing info on legal issues or investments may be too murky or delicate to entrust to someone else. Writing in-house and paying an editor to spruce stuff up could be the ticket.

And any “personal” blog posts shouldn’t be outsourced either. If folks find out those monthly heartfelt posts penned by the CEO are actually written up by an agency hack, people may have some bad impressions of your company. Pay to have posts proofed but write them yourself if you want to continue to look trustworthy, respectable, and genuine.

So, you want to outsource blog posts…

You need to find the right writer or firm first. This may mean hiring a few different folks to write a few up here or there to see who is the best fit. You want to evaluate ability, and if you were blogging previously, it’s important to see if what they create is a seamless fit with what came before in terms of qualities like voice, style, and tone.

If you think you want to outsource blog posts to us, for example, we offer four-post blogging packages. These are designed for the bare minimum amount of recommended blog posts in many situations: 1 per week. This lets you take us out for a test drive across an array of topics in smaller posts for an affordable price, which should be preferable to signing up for an infographic or something else equally ambitious.

And if you have a decently developed team, you may not need to outsource at all. You may have a cache of skilled content creators already at your disposal, and all you need to do is ask. Just remember to pull out a proofreader—grammatical errors, formatting flubs, and typical typos can all make you look unprofessional and could cost you clients and customers.


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