Content Is King (When It’s Well-Made)

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If you’ve been involved with the digital content development industry for any appreciable amount of time, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Content is King.” Though not the mantra it once was, it still serves as a guiding principle. The word “content”, after all, is right there in the industry’s name, and the combination of the Internet’s ever-changing nature with …

Don’t Let a Freelancer or Agency Run Wild with Your Blog (Or Your Budget)

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I get a major case of the warm and fuzzies when a client hands us the reigns and lets us create all kinds of cool content for their blog. When the sky is the limit, we are able to whip up a wonderful content mix that offers a range of something to cater to every persona that makes up their ideal audience. This allows us to create an entire library of brilliant on-brand content that’s basically begging to be shared and maybe even go viral. But this doesn’t mean this is always a good idea, as there are a few negative outcomes you could anticipate.

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3 Steps to Create Content Ahead of a Trend

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Another Las Vegas–based marketing wiz and I have our fingers crossed that our panel gets picked for SXSW 2016. The Social Twerkshop is all about trends and how to catch them on the way up and create content to take advantage of them before everyone else. Presently I’m pounding the online campaign trail, reminding fans and followers to vote for it (and you too, please), and I’ve been thinking about the topic a lot, particularly about what you need to do if you want to be able to create content ahead of a trend.

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Copywriting 101: Out of Ideas? Just Start Writing

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Writing works a little differently for a business professional than it does an artist. When expressing yourself artistically, you can wait on The Muse to provide the inspiration. When there’s a paycheck on the line, sometimes you have to start writing when you’re totally out of ideas. It’s a bummer, but there’s only way to get through it: Just start …

Why We Recommend Blogging to All of Our Clients

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We recommend blogging to all of our clients, and are a bit shocked when other marketers don’t do the same. This is because even though blogging may hold different levels of importance for different clients, it offers benefits to all of them that can be obtained even if they are blogging less frequently than our recommended minimum of one post …

Should You Outsource Blog Posts?

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As we are in the business of creating content for others, namely blog posts, it shouldn’t be shocking that I’m in favor of choosing to outsource blog posts. But it isn’t the right thing to do all the time. When should you outsource? Most of the time. This is because there are normally big benefits: Cost: Even with a firm …

A Friendly Market Is Never Guaranteed

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Market conditions might seem ideally suited to your business plan and method of attack, but don’t get comfortable, lazy, or entitled. Even in a friendly market, you have no idea what you might eventually be up against. For instance: In the mid-2000s, the housing and construction markets were going crazy. It was easy to make money in these fields, and …

If Something’s Not Working, Break It Down and Start Over

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A few weeks back, I was doing routine maintenance on my bicycle when it came time to change the rear wheel’s tube. The job, one of the easiest to perform, as far as basic maintenance goes, should’ve taken ten minutes, maybe fifteen if I went slow. Thirty minutes in, for some reason I still hadn’t finished the job. Finally, at …