7 Things to Do After You Publish a Blog Post

by Julie Ewald Blogging, Marketing Leave a Comment

Hey, clients! This one is for you. And everyone else, you might be able to get something out of this too, because it doesn’t matter where the post comes from, these are the things to do after you publish a blog post. 1. Read it again. Out loud. Yep. Even though it’s gone out into the world, it doesn’t mean …

5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Email Marketing

by Mary Joy Valle Marketing, Small Business Tips Leave a Comment

There are many marketing channels today that you can use to promote your business such as social media and text marketing. But one tried and tested tool that is still considered the best is the use of email. Here are the reasons why you need to use email marketing and not let an opportunity to make a sale fall to the wayside.

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