7 Signs You’ve Found the Right Agency

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There are a lot of marketing and content agencies out there, and even if they do good work, that doesn’t mean they are good for you. Yep, that means that Impressa Solutions might not even be a proper fit—even if it pains me to say it. So how do you know you’ve found the right agency to work with: 1. …

Tips for Finding a Content Agency

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Finding a content agency is easy enough, but finding the right content agency is a whole lot tougher. How do you know you’ve found an agency that’s the best solution for you? You can’t really know until after you’ve started to work with them, but here are some tips to help you find an agency you should even consider: Experience …

Should You Outsource Blog Posts?

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As we are in the business of creating content for others, namely blog posts, it shouldn’t be shocking that I’m in favor of choosing to outsource blog posts. But it isn’t the right thing to do all the time. When should you outsource? Most of the time. This is because there are normally big benefits: Cost: Even with a firm …

How to Help a Freelancer or Agency Help You with Your Blog

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Outsourcing stuff you don’t have the time or talent for is a brilliant idea, but just bringing on an agency or a freelancer or three to turn out your blog content won’t be enough. Even if they are the most capable, experienced folks you can find, if you aren’t helping them help you, the results will certainly suffer. So, in case you were wondering, here are a few pointers on how you can help a freelancer or agency help you with your blog content:

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Be a Better Boss: 10 Reasons Employees Get Complacent

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Being the boss means, among other things, keeping subordinates in-line. If you’re the owner or a manager, this can be easier said than done, but the biggest thing you need to prevent is your employees growing complacent and undermining the broader objectives of your business. Keep them happy, on the other hand, and they’ll do their jobs with a minimum of static …

Work from Home? A New Work Ritual Keeps You Motivated

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The phrase “work from home” seems an oxymoron to some, but the practice is the wave of the future. For a variety of reasons, companies are becoming more amenable to non-traditional work arrangements. When done properly, it’s a solid play for everyone involved. The most important thing to remember when embarking on such an arrangement, though, is that first word: …

Where’d The Time Go? Improve Your Time Management Skills With This Helpful Tip

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Time management skills are ideally something we learn in our teens and perfect in our twenties, but the accelerated pace of modern life can feel designed to prevent us from ever getting on top of things. There just never seem to be enough hours in the day, not with work responsibilities, home responsibilities, errands needing run, and the (very) necessary …

Be a Better Boss: If You Won’t Do It, They Won’t Do It

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It’s not easy being the boss. Responsibility for the success of a business makes for a pressure-packed working life, and that’s before you get to the pressures brought on by having to look after subordinates and keep them on-task. If Jim comes in late again without a call, or Lisa forgets to close-up properly one more time… But listen: you’re …

When You Should Hire a Freelancer Instead

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We receive many requests from folks who are potential clients, but we aren’t the best fit for them. Often people could benefit more from working with a single freelancer over using the services of a firm like ours. If any of these sound like you, don’t contact us, but sign up for freelancing sites like Upwork (formerly oDesk), Freelancer, or Elance …

What is a content farm?

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In the content business, there are different tiers of service providers. In my opinion, the content farm sits on the bottom rung. History As search engine optimization became a thing, web masters and marketers who wanted to outsmart search engines and climb through rankings needed content. And they needed a lot of it to be created quickly and cheaply. They needed …