How to Help a Freelancer or Agency Help You with Your Blog

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Outsourcing stuff you don’t have the time or talent for is a brilliant idea, but just bringing on an agency or a freelancer or three to turn out your blog content won’t be enough. Even if they are the most capable, experienced folks you can find, if you aren’t helping them help you, the results will certainly suffer. So, in case you were wondering, here are a few pointers on how you can help a freelancer or agency help you with your blog content:

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Want Better Content? Pay For It!

by JP Gorman Marketing, Small Business Tips Leave a Comment

Some entrepreneurs have a hard time coming to terms with the importance of great content in the digital marketplace. This makes sense, as successful businesspeople generally want responsibility for their fortunes to fall squarely on their shoulders. Unfortunately, on the internet it’s not that simple. Instead of face-to-face interaction and white-knuckled hard work determining success or failure, your online content …

Monetizing a Business Blog

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With few exceptions, I sincerely believe businesses need blogs. These are great opportunities for better customer service, enhanced SEO efforts, building trust, creating rapport, and establishing yourself as an expert. However, many wonder about monetizing a business blog, seeing it as one more potential revenue stream. While I could tell you how to monetize your blog, I’m instead going to …

A Facebook Page is NOT an Alternative to a Website

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I can’t believe I need to say it, but a Facebook page is NOT an alternative to a website for your business! That Facebook page was sure easy to make, and maybe it even has some activity, but it’s not a replacement for a regular website. Why? It’s harder for search. I’m not just talking about SEO. I’m talking about …

20 Power Marketing Words that Sell

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Anyone can scribble down words, phrases, and ideas, but bringing these words and ideas to life and turning them into something that generates a reaction is a skill that not everyone has. The better you do at digging into the emotions of your readers, the better the chances of inducing your customer to take the action you want them to …

Top 4 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

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Attracting people to visit your website is only half the battle. Keeping them enticed enough to hang around and not click the close window is another story. In today’s digital age where information is everywhere and instantly accessible and skimming has become the new way of reading, getting people’s attention and convincing them that your website is worth their time is tough business. An average visitor will stay in your website for about 10 to 20 seconds, which is not really long enough to make an impression or even make a sale.

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6 Common Errors You Keep Making in Your Copy

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When writing a copy, writers toss the occasional stuffy grammatical rules out the window in order for them to write something persuasive, engaging, and fun. By playing with grammar and other standard English conventions and not adhering to some archaic grammar rule, writers are able to make their personality shine through written words, which is an important aspect of blogging. They include slang, deliberately use ellipsis when an em dash is the correct one to use, and use far more “!!!” than necessary—all in the name of breathing life into an otherwise stale content.

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6 Tools You Need to Find New Ideas for Your Blog

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Creating content that gets noticed is what every blogger aims for. Fresh content is important to keep the online presence of a business in the spotlight, and bloggers bring themselves to toil over the keyboard not just for the sake of new content, but for the purpose of creating awareness, engagement, and customer conversion. But it isn’t always easy to come up with a killer idea for a blog post that will make your audience sit up and read. If you already hit a brick wall trying to come up with a good topic for a blog post, there are online tools that you could put in your utility belt to help you discover fresh ideas for content creation. Here are just some of the most popular places to find new ideas for your blog:

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