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Take our survey!

Blogging frequency was the topic of the day for a few posts in the recent past. Thanks for listening to me go on about that topic. But now it’s time to hear from you!

Please take our five-question survey about how often you blog or want to blog.

We appreciate your feedback, which is why a “thank you” gift is attached. Anyone who does our survey will be on our list to receive our upcoming white paper on determining the best blogging frequency for your business…for free!

It will be filled with really valuable information to empower you to take the wheel when it comes to your marketing efforts. While we appreciate you trusting the experts (and me), this white paper should help you make better choices about your blog and content marketing in general. This in turn should lead to more money. Woot!

We will also send you other great valuable blogging and content marketing tips in the future. And yes, this additional information is on the house too. We’re pretty darn thankful that you are telling us what you think.

Did we mention we have a survey? Please take it: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/isbf2015


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