What About Time and Budget When it Comes to Blog Posts?

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time and budget

Yep, time and budget are important, but these shouldn’t impact the minimum amount of blog posts you need to put out. These factors may change how much energy you want to put into each post and may determine who should be creating all this content.


This is where folks like us come in. If you are trying to wear many hats, the blogger cap may be one too many. If you don’t have time to create a number of posts that is a healthy minimum frequency, you should consider making some changes.

We always recommend folks focus on what they do best and how they best contribute to the bottom line. If you really shine on your blog posts and are seeing stellar results, find someone to take something else off of your plate to leave you time for this marketing initiative. If you struggle with blogging, are just so-so, or worse, consider passing the blogging responsibilities off to a colleague or an outside firm. Of course, that may not be an option due to budget.


If you have a limited budget and can’t work with an agency or free up a colleague for creating content, you shouldn’t shortchange your efforts. Instead, you should do shorter posts.

Make your posts quicker, pithy, and less verbose. Consider doing image-focused content, sharing stuff from other sources (with proper attribution), or chopping up your longer posts into a series so you get more mileage out of them. And even if you still don’t have the time, most agencies and freelancers should be able to offer you some solid, speedy posts at a more affordable price. Just don’t accept lower quality because you needed a lower price.

How many posts?!

It really depends, darn it! If you want a better idea of how many blog posts you need to back up your existing marketing initiatives, contact us. My colleagues and I are happy to help you hammer it out.


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