What Should I Blog About?

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What should I blog about?

It doesn’t matter if that blog has been around for two hours or two years, there’s that moment when we all sit back and ask ourselves, “what should I blog about?”

I wish I had an easy answer, but I don’t. What you should blog about is dependent on a ton of factors! So I’m going to run through those, and I’ll just keep my fingers crossed you figure it out on your own!

Is it fresh?

Don’t give your readers something stale. If you’ve done it before, it’s off-limits unless you have legitimate new insight to add. And if you know the topic has been kicked around the web a lot, skip it unless you have a completely new take.

Is it relevant?

Writing about the benefits of kale on your real estate blog may not be of interest to your readers. But if you take a step back and bring more personal content, you could talk about your love of kale and why everyone else should get on board.

Is it valuable?

Not every post needs to inform, but it should have value, even if that’s entertainment value. This means your post needs to say something, and that something has to have some weight. A tips-and-tricks post populated with common sense is just fluff and shouldn’t take up space.

Am I knowledgeable?

You may have a great topic, but do you know enough to write about it? If not, you may want to do research first to see if you can grab up enough data to put a competent post together. And when you write, be sure to cite your sources.

Is there a point?

If the point is simply to write something so your blog isn’t barren, don’t do it. Be sure you are informing, educating, entertaining, or something else other than taking up space.


If you would like more help, there are plenty of more helpful folks on the web who have published ideas you can blog about. From general topics to more developed blog starters, you should check these out to get an idea of where to go with your blog content. But when you latch onto one of those guys, don’t forget my points above!

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