Blogging Packages


All of the custom blog posts by Team Impressa fall into one of our five essential post types. These are all then mixable and matchable for any inbound or blogging package.


up to 300 words • 1 high quality image • requires almost no research • $100


Ideal for: repurposing content • promoting products, services, sales, and events • super quick informational pieces • quick tips and tricks-type posts


up to 500 words • 1 high quality image • 1 hour or less of research • $240


Ideal for: most tips and tricks-type posts • simple how-to pieces • most informational pieces • press release-style posts • curated content


up to 1000 words • multiple high quality images • 2 hours or less of research • $400


Ideal for: more robust tips and tricks-type posts • involved how-to pieces • more in-depth informational posts • larger curated posts • quick Q&As • short interviews


up to 2000 words • multiple high quality images or custom photography • 2 hours or less of research or 2 hours or less of hands-on action • $600


Ideal for: comprehensive tips and tricks-type posts • highly detailed how-to pieces • very in-depth informational posts • epic curated posts • detailed Q&As • longer interviews • small infographics or instructographics • easy DIY with custom photography


up to 3000 words • multiple high quality images or custom photography • up to 4 hours of research or 4 hours of hands-on activities • $1000


Ideal for: graphically-guided tips and tricks-type posts • how-to pieces with custom graphics or photography• research-intensive informational posts • involved interviews • Large infographics or instructographics • involved DIY with custom photography • content created on-location • comparison posts with custom charts

Our blogging packages are packed.


Any package from team Impressa comes with valuable additional services, including some consulting and strategy sessions. Nothing is necessarily “mandatory,” but we recommend new clients take us up on all of these “extras.” And if this isn’t your first rodeo with us, you may still want to take us up on our offer. This will help you get more for your money and maybe even some more of the ROI that you’re after.

So, what do you get?

  • A kick-off meeting, including goal setting
  • Research and Insights
  • Planning and strategy
  • Audience persona development
  • Technical implementation, as needed
  • A basic style guide, to be revised as needed
  • Regular progress review and consulting calls
  • Internal ideation sessions to generate high value, interesting ideas
  • Development of an editorial calendar

Impressa Solutions Blog Packages

And each post ain’t too shabby either!

All package posts include some pretty impressive stuff. Each post in your package will include:

  • At least one image (varies by post type and content)
  • Blurbs for social media promotion—one for Facebook and one for Twitter
  • Content shared on one or more of Impressa Solutions’ channels, like our social accounts, blog, and on-site portfolio (unless you’d prefer we didn’t)
  • SEO-friendly everything, including basic keyword research if you don’t have an existing SEO strategy
  • WordPress posting (other platforms considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • At least one round of revisions
  • Perfect error-free copy, courtesy of professional proofreading and editing through our stringent internal QA process
  • Robust, high value content with links to relevant pieces, and even videos, images, or interactive content, as is appropriate
  • A call to action
  • An on-brand voice — possibly your voice if you would like us to ghostwrite as you