What does SEO do: keywordSo you do SEO, right?

SEO is a buzzword that flies around more than baseballs during batting practice. Because SEO, or search engine optimization, is talked about so darn much, everyone wants it for their website. But many people don’t really know what they’re asking for. While the SEO “experts” would probably pontificate on all the elements of search engine optimization, we think the most concise and helpful way to explain SEO is to say it’s basically just best practices when it comes to creating and posting content and marketing your business or brand online. When folks want to know what does SEO do, we tell them that it helps their site, blog, or other content be found in search results. So, do we do SEO?

Hell, yes!

But don’t take that the wrong way. We don’t “do” SEO. As proper SEO’s most beneficial elements are best practices, you can bet your bottom dollar that we incorporate as many of these as we can into all of our services–unless you don’t want us to for one reason or another. We can even create a content marketing campaign to help you be found more easily and frequently via search. However, when some people are talking about what they want in terms of SEO, all we can think is…

Ewwwww! No!

Some of the stuff passed off as SEO isn’t our bag. Even if we don’t think you’d get caught we won’t engage in what’s become known as “black hat” SEO. Also, we’ll never knowledgeably do anything that could get you penalized by search engines. And we don’t care how nicely you ask, we aren’t doing anything scammy or spammy or otherwise unethical. But there are a ton of above-board optimization techniques we just don’t offer, and it would be our pleasure to hook you up with a friendly, trusted partner who specializes in in-depth SEO services.


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