Yep! We do social media stuff too! Social media copywriting services, to be precise.

For folks who already have their social media management on lock, we can assist with our social media copywriting services. That means we write it, find it, or draw it, and you post it. Heck, we could even post it. Bam! Easy!

The social media content we create for you is tailored to the folks you are trying to reach and is designed to be share-worthy. Our posts are on-point and on brand, based on proven strategies to stir up excitement. They can be based upon your existing editorial calendar or campaigns, or we can build a basic strategy and schedule with you.

If you need something more comprehensive, such as having your social channels set up for you or making and managing a social media marketing campaign, we got you. We might handle it, or we could work with one of our trusted partners. Sure, we know social, but if you need something we wouldn’t shine at, we’d love to direct you to the experts.

So, ready to speak about social? You can contact us via contact form, tweet to us @impressa_LV, or send us a message on Facebook!