The Impressa Solutions Team

Impressa Solutions is home to writers, editors, researchers, graphic artists, developers, social media mavens, marketing strategists, and more from a wide variety of backgrounds. A talented, international group, the following folks represent only a small sample of the capable, proficient people who can help you build your brand or whip up a web site.


julie bio headshotJulie T. Ewald, CEO and Creative Director

Prior to beginning Impressa Solutions, Julie was a successful freelance writer and editor with a passion for helping businesses craft clever on-brand copy. However, there are only so many blog posts, product descriptions, articles, and such which one woman can write, so Impressa Solutions was born.

Julie has a diverse set of experiences which lend themselves well to assisting clients in a variety of industries, in many capacities. Her background includes working as a regional promotions coordinator and trainer for a Fortune 500 company, a business and investment consult for a boutique firm, a career coach for a non-profit, and a social media manager for a promising startup. She can also make a mean margarita and might be able to do a solid pre-delivery walk around on a Volkswagen if she really wanted to. Julie holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a BA in English and History, and she has additional training in public speaking, business creation, sales, and customer service.

Julie enjoys travel, baseball, cooking, learning languages, fitness, and personal development. Presently, she is attempting gardening. A native of Milwaukee, WI, Julie calls Las Vegas, NV home. She previously resided in Arezzo, Italy and Madison, WI. Julie lives with her cat, Bunnybutt.


photo (1)Benjamin Schkade, Artistic Director

Ben is a jack-of-all-trades with everything visual. His passion for graphic design, commercial photography, and marketing has led to working with a multitude of industry-leading clients including Warner Bros, Getty Images, and Blend Images prior to his engagement with Impressa Solutions. Previously he served as marketing director for Zero Engineering, a luxury motorcycle manufacturer based in Japan, a company which is now one of Impressa Solutions’ many clients.

Ben has been around the world and has turned appreciation of global advertising, art, and culture into a lifestyle. His travels have taken him to destinations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Berlin, Paris, Florence, Rome, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Dallas, and Milwaukee. On one fondly remembered trip, he drove the length of the American west coast from the Canadian border to Mexico on a Triumph motorcycle–luckily he remembered to bring his laptop!


2013 m3Noelle Garcia, Marketing Consultant

Noelle has diverse and ample business experience. After earning her BA in Political Science from UCLA, she began to work as a high school algebra teacher. As an educator, Noelle was passionate about helping students succeed academically by being a keynote speaker and an active member of the Freshman Scholarship Committee. Encouraging and inspiring students to do their best by helping them in setting high academic goals was a passion.

She continued to work hard to help others achieve high levels of success after her teaching stint. She transitioned into financial planning with Merrill Lynch before deciding to join GoodSharks Inc. to work as a business development specialist. Noelle moved to Las Vegas and worked as a business development specialist for a motorcycle manufacturer before moving on to serve as a head of human resources for an online marketplace and then to work with Impressa Solutions.

A nomad at heart, Noelle is an adventuress who loves working in different locations and meeting new friends along the way. She continues to live in Las Vegas.


elani bio

Elani Malan, Administrative and Executive Assistant

Elani formerly worked with several companies as a personal assistant, but she left the 9-to-5 world when she went on maternity leave. This is when she discovered the magic of being able to work independently and remotely, which has left her with much more time to spend with her two sons. Now an integral part of the Impressa Solutions team, she assists with human resources, marketing, client relations, copywriting, and much more.

A multi-talented individual with a thirst for learning, she recently has been gaining more experience and building up her knowledge in relation to topics like small business development, social media, SEO, and link building. By challenging herself to learn more daily, her potential contribution continues to grow.

Elani has a passion for helping others, and she is a qualified Life Coach and Addiction Counsellor, which she does on a part-time basis. She enjoys baking and cooking. She also has great interest in travel: born in South Africa, she has yet to have the opportunity to travel abroad, and one of her biggest dreams is to have the opportunity to travel and experience different parts of the world.


Mary Joy ValleMary Joy Valle, Editor and Researcher

Mary Joy previously worked as a proofreader and a copy editor. A person who doesn’t rest on her laurels, she left her 9-to-5 job to pursue freelancing, an option that offered her more freedom to explore her passion for learning new things and pursuing greater challenges. This desire for a rewarding career, maximum flexibility, and personal freedom brought her to the Impressa Solutions team.

She takes great pleasure in working closely with different clients and performing a myriad of roles. An editor and researcher for Impressa Solutions, she also is a skilled copywriter with a background in a number of areas. Mary Joy has had formal computer training, and she is enthusiastic about sketching and designing clothes. She also assists with human resources.

Mary Joy is presently living in the Philippines.


anneliseAnnElise Hatjakes, Copywriter

AnnElise earned her BA in English and Political Science and an MA degree in English from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her professional experience is wide-ranging and includes copywriting, editing, blogging, technical writing, newspaper reporting, and managing social media campaigns. AnnElise, a grammar enthusiast, currently teaches university composition and research methods courses. She also enjoys writing because it serves as a creative outlet and affords her the opportunity to tackle diverse writing challenges. When she is not teaching or writing, she can be found playing ultimate Frisbee or entertaining her cats. She presently lives in Reno, Nevada.


Dan DelluomoDan Delluomo, Copywriter

Dan’s past isn’t that of your typical copywriter. First earning an MS in Biology at the University of Buffalo (with a research focus in genetics), Dan was poised for a life of science. But after long reflection, he decided it didn’t make sense to be doing anything other than his real passion, which is writing—something he’d been doing on the side for years. Dan brings a scientific, analytical mindset to everything he writes for us.

Currently finishing his first book (which is on fat-loss), he was previously the advertising manager for a Buffalo, NY-based transportation firm. He lives in Buffalo and doesn’t understand how everyone’s favorite TV show isn’t Game of Thrones.


ebony bioEbony Martin, Copywriter

Ebony is a copywriter with journalism and marketing experience. She has worked as a copywriter for hundreds of clients across a wide variety of retail and service industries, including beauty, health, food, technology, education, law, sports, and fashion, just to name a few. Her talents include writing for small and medium businesses as well as large brand names. She has experience creating SEO content, blog posts, and product content. Her background is in digital media, content marketing, social media marketing, and content strategy.

After graduating from Pennsylvania State University, she discovered a new love for creating unique and valuable branded content for businesses and has since focused her efforts on honing her skills. Ebony also has a genuine passion for startups and entrepreneurship. Ebony is presently living in Brooklyn, New York.



Jolene Catterall, Copywriter

Jolene is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. A proud military wife and mother of two, she is originally from Milwaukee, WI, but currently lives near Aviano Air Base in Northern Italy. Jolene enjoys researching and writing about the military, family life, children’s play and development, traveling and sightseeing, and other topics that are related to her life experiences, interests, and passions.



Tina headshot croppedJustina Lawrence, Copywriter

Justina is currently teaching special education at a public Montessori school in Milwaukee. After teaching for eight years in an urban setting, she took a year off to spend more time with her son, but when an opportunity arose with Impressa Solutions, she thought it would be a good balance between work and home.

Justina graduated with a BA in Educational Studies with a minor in Mass Communication and holds an MA in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Special Education Literacy. She finds writing for Impressa Solutions to be a great opportunity to write about new things and expand on her love of communicative writing.

She currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband, two children, and their dog Hashbrown. Outside of home and work she enjoys learning about new cultures, travel, sports and recreation, and cooking. She is currently ranked fourth in her skeeball league.


vickyliobiopicVicky Lio, Copywriter

Vicky is a copywriter with journalism and business experience. She has worked both domestically and abroad in various industries, including clean tech, food, manufacturing, and personal transportation. After finishing her MBA at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Vicky discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and has since focused on consulting for startups, working on sustainability in both for- and non-profit organizations, and writing.

Vicky has been fortunate to live in various parts of the world and continues to travel, coach, experience the outdoors, and dabble in the arts.